QR Codes Transforming Memorialization

Technology has now crossed over, literally, into the world of the dead. Much like the tombs of the Pharaohs and the walls on which their life story is written, QR codes and the data they store are now being placed, in situ, with gravestones of your loved ones. Instead of having to buy an oversized gravestone to memorialize your father, mother or other relative with a lengthy, chiseled statement about what a incredible human being they were, you can now just buy an adequate to small gravestone marker and imbed the QR code chip within the headstone. Friends and family and even strangers can can scan the chip with a smartphone to get a complete download of the memorialization statement. It’s a permanent and eternal history of their life and a testament to the value that particular person had for you.

QR codes on headstones by LifeMarker.com might cost slightly more than a standard chiseled engraving in stone, but you never have to worry about acid rain or other environmental factors destroying your loved ones’ memorialization. Because it is encased inside tough weather resistant plastic and attached to the gravestone, nothing short of a lightning bolt or a tornado can come close to destroying it. The information within the QR codes is password protected and only given to family and friends who will be permitted to access everything about the deceased from their life story to the family tree, which is also a very nice way to record family history. Music and recorded voices are activated at the push of a button, so even long before the deceased has passed away they can record something of value on the chip they would want everyone to know and it preserves the sound of their voice for generations to come to hear. It is very much like taking an oral history of each family member, which is tradition in some families, only now the family a hundred years from now will also be able to put a voice to the face of those long gone. That alone is worth it all

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