Headstones become Interactive Memorials

When a family member passes on, it can be a very hard time for all of the family and friends to deal with. Most families cope by holding memorial services and publishing obituaries, in hopes that they will be able to honor the person who has passed away. Unfortunately, after the services are over and time has passed, memories start to fade. While a loved one is never completely forgotten, it can be hard to remember small details, such as the sound of the loved one’s voice and the look in his eyes when he smiles.

What if there was a way to preserve your loved one’s most precious memories for all of your posterity to enjoy? LifeMarker QR codes on headstones make this possible. A QR, or quick-response, code can be easily applied to any new or existing headstone. When the QR code is scanned with a smartphone, the user is instantly taken to a website that is full of pictures of the deceased person, written words from loved ones about what made this person so special, and even a recording with the person talking or singing. The website can be personalized by the family to contain whatever information the family wants to be preserved. LifeMarker will maintain the website for the family so that once the fee is paid, there are no additional worries or expenses. In fact, there is even a way for distant relatives to access the website by using a special code provided by LifeMarker.

By having QR codes on headstones, a person who has passed on will be able to be honored and remembered with the simple push of a button. Can you imagine 100 years from now when your posterity visits your gravesite? They will be able to instantly see everything that you want them to know about you. It is safe to say that visitng a gravesite will never be the same.

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