QR codes on headstones

In a society that is perpetually submerged in technology, it only makes sense that even our mourning process is updated and improved upon in such a way as to blend with the lives of the loved ones that are left behind. LifeMarker seems to be the only company to date that is adequately addressing this problem.

We share our grieving through social networks, blogs and other forms of internet media already. Why not make this process streamlined and efficient? LifeMarker does exactly this, while allowing loved ones to have constant access to a virtual monument that celebrates the lives of those we have lost.

With LifeMarker, QR codes on headstones are used to instantly access a plethora of password-protected information about the deceased on a personalized webpage. Mourners can share videos, family history, pictures and more to help comfort other grieving loved ones and give easy access to distant friends and relatives that cannot otherwise attend the memorial service. The QR (quick response) codes can be scanned with a smartphone directly at the grave site to access the personalized memorial, or users can use a web browser to watch videos and browse through pictures that will be protected in cyberspace forever.

The QR code chips can be attached to any new or existing headstone that has a clean, smooth surface. These chips are made of quality materials to ensure that they survive and function throughout the foreseeable future.

LifeMarker presents a beautiful way to immortalize the memory of those loved ones that we have lost. The grieving process is helped by the fact that mourners have comfort in knowing they always have access to pictures and videos, giving them a much-needed glimpse into the life that they so dearly miss. With LifeMarker, our loved ones are always kept near to us.

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