Since the beginning of time, the memorial process has changed very little. Until now.

Utilizing Internet-based technology, LifeMarkerTM provides a lasting tribute to life.

We provide the LifeMarkerTM Web archive, an affordable, personalized Web page where information such as an obituary, written family history, photos, and videos can be viewed for generations.

Access to your LifeMarkerTM Web archive is made possible by a QR – quick-response – code. When you subscribe, you will be issued a LifeMarkerTM chip that contains a unique ID number and QR code.

The LifeMarkerTM QR code chip can be attached to any new or existing headstone or any memorial with a clean,smooth surface.

Your LifeMarkerTM QR gives you instant access to a password protected Web page that contains all the information you choose to display about your loved one’s life.

When the QR chip is scanned by a smart phone or an Internet tablet, it opens your LifeMarkerTM Web archive

Distant relatives and friends can also view the LifeMarkerTM Web archive by typing a personal code into a computer Internet browser.

Subscribe to LifeMarkerTM today to ensure your loved ones have a lasting tribute to life.

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